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Using DT9837B with python on Raspberry Pi



I want to use DT9837B and get highspeed real time data 4 channel  IEPE Data on Raspberry Pi using python or c programming. 

Can some one explain it is possible and how much speed it is able to get?

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Hello @kashyap

Measurement Computing does not provide throughput numbers because they are system- and application-dependent. That said, I have an RPI 3B+ and have run the standard four-channel IEPE example at 105.2k S/s, and both the Python and C examples run without error. However, the Python example is noticeably slower in updating the output.  I suggest using a Raspberry PI 4 with 4G RAM and the C programming language for the best performance. The following explains how to install the support on a Raspberry PI: https://github.com/mccdaq/uldaq

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