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Can you create alarms in DAQami?



I am trying to create alarms when the temperature deviates 10 C from the set temperature. Is there any way to do this within DAQami or would I have to use ULx for NI LabVIEW? 

If I can do this in DAQami, can you show me how?

For context I have a USB-2416 and I am using thermocouples. 

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Use LabVIEW to create the alarm conditions because the DAQami program does not have this feature.

LabVIEW programs rely on the configuration settings of InstaCal. First, run InstaCal and configure the channels. Thermocouple channels must have the Data Rate setting set to 60 Hz. After this is done, close InstaCal and startup LabVIEW. Our ULx for LabVIEW support is embedded into LabVIEW, and when started, it reads the InstaCal configuration once. That's why you configure the device with InstaCal, close it then start LabVIEW. If you must make an InstaCal change, restart LabVIEW afterward.



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