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Find rotation using quadrature encoder in USB-1808X



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Hello @PhilipW.

When the count value increases, while the application is running, then the direction of rotation is clockwise.  Likewise, if the count value decreases, then the direction of rotation is counter clockwise.  You do not need to do any averaging.  When an encoder's rotation starts, then the first rising edge determines the direction of rotation.  The reference signal 'Z' generates a pulse once every revolution.





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Hi Fausto,

And to configure the quadrature encoder, I must use the following parameters?

MccDaq.CounterMode Mode = MccDaq.CounterMode.Encoder | MccDaq.CounterMode.EncoderModeX1;
MccDaq.CounterDebounceTime DebounceTime = MccDaq.CounterDebounceTime.DebounceNone;
MccDaq.CounterDebounceMode DebounceMode = 0;
MccDaq.CounterEdgeDetection EdgeDetection = MccDaq.CounterEdgeDetection.RisingEdge;
MccDaq.CounterTickSize TickSize = 0;
int MapCounter = 0;


int counterChannel = 2;   // encoder channels are 2 and 3

daqBoard.CConfigScan(counterChannel, Mode, DebounceTime, DebounceMode, EdgeDetection, TickSize, MapCounter);



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