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Multiboard Mcc 134



Hello to everyone,

i connected 2 mcc 134 with a raspberry pi3b. At first, I worked with just one and it worked fine, when I added the second board i connected a jumper on A0 of the first board. 

I modify the code for reading the date, adding more channels ( from 0 to 7)

-first code i tried, i add 2 different address for board 1 and 2 with the command i show you in the picture. 

but it gives me this error " address1 = select_hat_device(HatIDs.MCC_134, 0) # Address 0 for the first MCC134 board " takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given. " i look on internet and it seems that i don't need to define 2 address since it found the right address himself.

So I deleted this strings of code.

Now it says ""Addr 0: incorrect response" what does it means? what i have to do? What is wrong in what I have done?


Sorry but it's my first time coding and using the raspy and MCC, so meaby it is stupid but i don't know how to solve it.





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Set the bottom board to address zero (no jumper). Set the top board to address 1 (jumper on A0). Run sudo daqhats_read_eeproms, then test each board using the DAQ HAT Manager on the Accessories menu. If you add a third board at address 2, you must rerun sudo daqhats_read_eeproms.

Best regards,


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Thank you!

Ok, i runned sudo daqhats_read_eeproms. Both board are now identified with the right address. Still the code I attech before give me the same error. But the one I used when I had just one board it works and ask me what HAT i want to study. It means i have to run 2 times the same code giving first the bottom HAT and after the upper? There is no way to have one code to do both of them? 


Thank you in advance

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