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ULx for PWM using USB-1808X



I see in the USB-1808 manual that the timer output channels should be able to support PWM signal generation (https://www.mccdaq.com/PDFs/manuals/USB-1808.pdf). However, using the ULx LabVIEW library, I don't find the timer channels in the channel selector drop down presented by the ULx Create Channel (CO-Pulse Generation).vi


It's not clear from the documentation what these physical channels would be labeled as so I'm also not sure how to go about manual configuring the software channel. 

Am I reading the manual incorrectly, is there some deficiency in the LV library? Any guidance here is appreciated.

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OK I've answered my own question. I had installed the USB-1808X while LabVIEW was running. It seems LV will read some InstaCal configuration output on startup which resulted in LV not being able to detect the specific device configuration. On restart, LabVIEW finds the counters and PWM generation is super easy. 

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