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Single value digital input and output and analog output with DT9834



With our newly purchased DT9804 we ran into the problem that it does now allow single value digital input/output and/or analog output when the A2D subsystem is running (in channel scan mode).  We submitted a question to the forum and you confirmed this limitation. 

Looking at the documentation for the DT9834, it does not mention this limitation. Can you let us know which kinds of single value input and output are available on the DT9834 when the A2D subsystem is running in channel scan mode.

Thanks in advance for your help with this.

Best wishes,


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The DT9834 does not have the DT9804 limitations. From the datasheet: The DT9834 Series combines the functionality of multiple boards in a single USB 2.0 module to provide simultaneous analog input, analog output, digital I/O, and counter/timer operations. However, the DT9834 has a limited life expectancy. What are your device requirements?

Also, how old is your DT9804?

Best regards,


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Yes, we've been working with Bob Vallee around availability of the DT series USB units that still support the DT-open layers software (we use the Active X interface in our in-house software applications). We realize that the newest USB units do NOT support DT-open layers and thus have been focusing on the older ones to avoid major rewrites for our software applications. 

We just bought our DT9804 a few weeks ago but didn't realize this limitation with simultaneous functions until we started using it. At the time we placed our order, the DT9834 was not available. However, Bob V has recently told us that it is expected to be back in stock in July. 

Thanks for your response and help.

Bob L  

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