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Software issues upgrading from a USB-2523 to a USB-2627

Coy C



I have been handed a legacy system that uses a USB-2523 and needs the software updated to use a USB-2627.

Do you have any documentation on the changes required in the software?

So far, I have found that the registry entries have changed. For example, the information stored at System\CurrentControlSet\Services\USBDAQLIB\Enum is now stored at System\CurrentControlSet\Services\mcusb\Enum.

The issue I am struggling with at the moment is that when the software calls the DaqInScan() function, I get an exception.
err = _DaqBoard[iBoard].DaqInScan(_chanArray,  _chanTypeArray,  _gainArray,  ChanCount,  ref _sampleRate,  ref PretrigCount,  ref Count, _memHandle[iBoard], _options);

The values passed in are:
_chanArray = 0
_chanTypeArray = Analog
_gainArray = Bip10Volts
ChanCount = 1
_sampleRate = 10000000
PretrigCount = 0
Count = 26214400
_memHandle[iBoard] = 701038592
_options = Ctr16Bit, Background, ExtClock, ExtTrigger

The exception message is:
Exception = BadBoardType
Exception = This function can not be used with this board.
Exception = False

I have been all over your website but have not been able to find the info I need to solve this one.

I could not find any example programs for the 2600 series here:

I downloaded the ULHelp files from the following link and the index displays correctly, but none of the actual text.

Any help sorting out what has changed in the software between USB-2523 and USB-2627 and specifically why the DaqInScan() call is throwing an exception with the 2627 but not with the 2523 would be greatly appreciated.


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The USB-2523 can scan the analog, digital, and counter inputs simultaneously. Configuration arrays define channel numbers, voltage ranges, and channel options. The arrays are then passed to the DaqInScan function. The USB-2627 does not have this feature. Instead, it uses AInScan to scan the analog input channels. Digital and counter channels are read asynchronously by polling the channels. I have attached a 32-bit C# Console app demonstrating how to read the USB-2627 analog inputs.

Best regards,


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