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OMEGA USB 3103 DAQ AO voltages are not accurate and drift over time




I would like to ask about the USB 3103 DAQ with 8 analog voltage outputs. We purchased this DAQ last year and when we tested each analog voltage output of, we measured the output using a multi-tester and got the exact value set via Instacal. However, upon testing the analog outputs now, we measure values 12-17% greater than the selected value. It is also observed that the measured values are drifting up to 5% over a period of 10 mins. Restarting the DAQ also does not remove the effects of the drift.

Is there a way to calibrate the DAQ to get the exact output? What do you suggest we should do to get stable and accurate analog voltage output values?


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I can arrange for it to be calibrated. The fee is about $75.00 USA. However, drifting is typically not a calibration issue. Instead, I recommend connecting one channel to a bench meter like a Keysight, Keithley or Fluke DVM, or DMM. Disconnect the remaining channels. It's not recommended to test the channel while connected to your circuit or system. Set the channel to a value and walk away for an hour or two. When you return, if you find that the value has drifted significantly, there is likely something wrong with the hardware. We do not repair the USB-3103, so your option would be to purchase a new one. 

Best regards,


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