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How to Send Data from Dasylab to an External Device Via Modbus Analog Output Module



How can I send a value from Dasylab to an external device such as an ESC 8864 data controller via Modbus? I have tried using a simple slider to send data to the external device using the Modbus Analog Output module, but have not been able to make this work. I believe the register that I want to write to is 40,010.

I have been able to use the Modbus Analog Input Module, Modbus Digital Input Module and Modbus Digital Output Modules, but not the Modbus Analog Output Module. What could i be missing considering the other modules all work. I have tried many different combinations of Data Types and Registers on the Properties page, but nothing seems to work. 

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The DASYLab Modbus analog output writes to registers 400001 to 410000. At the same time, analog input is from 300000 to 30FFFF. I don't know the addresses or registers the ESC 8864 uses, so you must investigate the ESC documentation and make sure it uses the same register format. Since you have the other subsystems working, you may need to use the correct register value. A quick call to ESC tech support should clear this up.

Best regards,

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