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PDIS08 Software Crash issue




I am using USB-PDIS08 and noticed on another thread that staff member JRys (AJ) mentioned there are occasional instances where "the software will crash, leaving something in memory that holds onto the device object preventing another program or the same program from re-establishing communication." I have actually noticed this on several of our devices and the solution is to unplug the power and dissipate the device from all electricity, then plugging it back in. Is there an alternative way to resolve this issue when it happens such as an API call that can do a software purge/reset? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is the link for the other thread reference above:


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Your program must exit gracefully so that any created objects can be destroyed. An error can be caught using a try...catch statement or checking the function's return variable. Because the USB-PDISO8 has eight relays, it's often used to control bigger relays or solenoids to turn things on/off. These have a coil that can generate noise and cause the relays to arc. If the USB-PDISO8 is nearby, the noise can affect its operation and sometimes cause it to lock up. My general advice is to position the USB-PDISO8 away from relays, solenoids, and anything that may generate noise. Ensure relays and solenoids have a flyback diode to prevent relays from arcing. 

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