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Keithley KPCI-3100



I’m looking for the driver for a Keithley KPCI-3100 data acquisition card. I have already tried the DriverLinx 3100-850A03 driver from Tektronix, but the website mentioned a different data acquisition board (kpci-3101a). I believe the DriverLinx version that I have installed (3100-850A03) is not compatible as the configuration panel had limited functionality (grayed out options in below screenshot). Also, are there any other requirements that must be installed? The product has changed hands over the years (Keithley ->Tektronix -> Data Acquisition -> MCCDAQ), and the download links for drivers across the web no longer work.



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I'm not familiar with the KPCI-3100. Data Translation's direct equivalents for Keithley PCI boards are as follows:

  • KPCI-3101A = DT301
  • KPCI-3102A = DT302
  • KPCI-3103A = DT303(obsolete)
  • KPCI-3104A = DT304
  • KPCI-3110A = DT3010 (obsolete)
  • KPCI-3116A = DT3016 
  • KPCI-3140 = DT340 (obsolete)

I have attached a zip file that contains an INF file that will allow users of DriverLINX software to enable the use of Data Translation's equivalent boards. More information can be found in the Word document inside the zip file. 

DT Aware.zip

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Posted (edited)

I'm looking for the Driverlinx installer with the DLLs for the DAS1602.  Is there a more recent version that is compatible with 64-bit Windows and available for download online? I appear to have confused the DAS1602/16 as a Keithley 3100 at first, and I apologize for the confusion. I've installed Installcal, however the software I'm working with requires a Driverlinx 32-bit DLL. Here's the product page with more details: 16-Channel, 16-Bit 100 kS/s Multifunction PCI Express DAQ Board (mccdaq.com)




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