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Digital Discovery: Portable USB Logic Analyzer and Digital Pattern Generator



Hi Attila, we are looking to purchase digital discovery. However, the number of channels (pattern generator channels) within 1 unit is not sufficient for our application. May I check if it is possible to use 2 units of the Digital Discovery and make them work synchronously under the WaveForm software? Which will increase the pattern generator channels to 32. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!

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The Digital Discovery does not have dedicated trigger IOs, but for cross-triggering a Logic Analyzer DIN signal could be used.
This device does not have reference clock IO, so the two devices will run on independent oscillators, there will be a bit of jitter and shift over time.

The ADP3X50 and Analog Discovery 3 has trigger IOs and reference clock option as well WaveForms application support for dual mode, which lets you use 8/4 scope, 4 AWG channels, 32 DIOs.
On ADP3X50 the digital voltage/threshold is adjustable and the AD3 only supports 0/3.3V digital signals.
Dual support is also available for Analog Discovery1,2, EclypseZ7 but these lack reference clock.


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