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MCC128 data logger example issues



I'm trying to run the C example data_logger for the MCC128. I got all the prerequisites & it compiled with no issues

If I just & click start


I get the error,

Unable to open the log file.

If I,

sudo ./logger

I get the error,

There was a timeout while obtaining a resource block.

Click 'OK' and the program closes

There were no problems running the other examples, I can read the EEPROM, the channels show up in the MCC128 App, single_value_read, finite_scan & continuous_scan all work.

Any clue what's causing this?



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The errors are unrelated to the Daqhat interface and are an issue in creating the log file. Could you configure a breakpoint at line 504 in the logger.c and step into the function open_log_file to see where the error happens? If ../LogFiles/data.csv is missing, it will add it to the ../logger folder. The only thing I can think of is it's having trouble adding the folder or creating the file.

Best regards,

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