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Using DT9837 with labwindows/CVI



I want to use labwindows/CVI to program the DT8837A, however, I cannot find the driver for CVI. As I check that that this board can be used with labview, and in this circumstance, DT8837A should be able to use with CVI. Can anyone here help?

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This is an C example from MCC, the "ULAO01.c", and I got error message as shown in figure attached.

That's to say, this card can not be used with Instacal. So, how to sort out the probelm?


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Hello @cklo.

The DT9837A is not supported by MCC's Universal Library (UL) API for Windows, only with MCC's UL for Linux.

For Windows OS support, use Data Translation's LV-Link3 library for LabVIEW or Data Translation's Open Layers API for programming with C, C#, and VB#.





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