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  1. I want to call functions defined in DtLvLink_64.dll from labwindows/cvi , however, DtLvLink_64.h is needed. So, what to do? For example, I want to call a function LviCreateTask(), however, the declaration of its prototype should be in the head file. Without the header, I think I am not able to call the functions.
  2. I got the DtLvLink_64.dll, and DtLvLink.lib, however the header file is missing. Could anybody tell me where I can get it? Thanks in advance
  3. I want to call DtLvLink_32.dll from cvi, however, I find the DtLvLink.lib, but don't find the DtLvLink.h file. Where it is?
  4. This is an C example from MCC, the "ULAO01.c", and I got error message as shown in figure attached. That's to say, this card can not be used with Instacal. So, how to sort out the probelm?
  5. Sorry, it is DT9837A , and not DT8837A
  6. I want to use labwindows/CVI to program the DT8837A, however, I cannot find the driver for CVI. As I check that that this board can be used with labview, and in this circumstance, DT8837A should be able to use with CVI. Can anyone here help?
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