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Instacal software doesn't see USB-ERB08 and USB-SSR08



I am currently having some issues with instacal not seeing my measurement modules in the software. I recently just changed one of my three modules in a system because we thought we had figured out one of the mm modules wasn't working. MM_1 and MM_3 have model number USB-SSR08, and MM_2 is a USB-ERB08. Before I uninstalled the original MM_2, both MM_1 and MM_3 had a functional usb light and were being seen in the instacal software. Now none of the modules are working or showing up in instacal software. A basic diagram is attached to file.

The usb hub is working correctly, because I can communicate to the C445 connected to the device so I'm just wondering if there has been a release of windows that is not allowing me to see the measurement module connections, or if this could be some kind of driver issue with the usb hub. Is there some kind of calibration I need to do to get these working with the usb hub again?




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The USB-ERB08 and USB-SSR08 are very similar in design. One uses dry contact relays, and the other uses solid-state relays. Both require an external 9-volt power supply adapter. It's recommended to plug the adapter before plugging into the USB. Could you shut down your software and run the InstaCal utility? The first time you run InstaCal it will ask you to perform an update. The update utility is  HIDRegUpdate.exe, located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Measurement Computing\DAQ\. If InstaCal doesn't ask you to update, you can go to this folder and run it manually. You want to ensure no pending updates to maintain power to the USB port. If there are no pending updates, yet InstaCal cannot locate the two devices, bypass the hub to see if it works. 

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