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MCC USB-231 data acquisition system



Hello team,

i am working on a project and have a question regarding one of your product (USB-231)

SKU: 6069-410-012

Does the MCC USB-231 data acquisition system require an external amplifier, such as the HX711, to amplify and correct the signal from a load cell? Or does the MCC USB-231 device itself already have a built-in amplifier that performs these functions? Additionally, can the MCC USB-231 system be used with strain gauges?





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Most load cells, as well as strain gauges, output a small signal. For example, a 1000lbs load cell with a sensitivity of 2mV/V will output only 20mV at full load. The USB-231 has a fixed +/-10 volt range, and although it's a 16-bit device, it will struggle with mV measurements. The HX711 will not work because it uses a two-wire interface (Clock and Data) for communication. It would be best to have a signal conditioner with analog output, like the 8B38 from www.dataforth.com https://www.dataforth.com/8b38. It translates the mV signal to 0 -5 or +/- 5 volts which the USB-231 can read.

Best regards,

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