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WEBDAQ 504 Read only internal storage error



Just powering up a brand new webDAQ 504. Power and status LEDs have green lights. Decided to update firmware, but having downloaded the file to my PC I couldn't upload to the internal storage. Error 'unable to upload file' as in image.


I then just tried to create a folder on the internal storage, but received a similar box but with 'unable to create folder' error.

I have attached the device info log. It is apparent that at the third line there is mkdir error on booting as it is having problems writing to internal storage.

I have subsequently added an SD card and uploaded the firmware file ok and run it, but the internal storage is still inaccessible. For info the security level is 'OFF'

My question is, do I need to do something to enable the internal storage? or is there a hardware/software error?





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