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CIO-DAS48 PGA and all 16 bit ISA boards not detecting in WIN XP -SP3



Hello tech support,

I had  a Windows XP computer running with test stand software and all ISA boards working OK before under win XP.  Now the Hard disk crashed so got a new hard disk and installed Windows XP -SP3 and all folders we had before including C:\CB,  C:\CBI_GPIB and other test stands programs. 

Before the C:\ CB directory instalCAL program was working , this is 16 bit program -Dos version. However, after a new HDD  installed with win XP pro sP3 , CIO-DAS48 PGA ( 16 bit -ISA )and other ISA boards do not working now and test stand program not detect ISA boards . It seems that something was set in WIN XP to recognize older ISA boards to work and older DOS version of instalCAL program to work.  Trying with InstallCAL 32 bit program and that recognizes the board if i install newer version of InstalCAL 6.0 in another XMCC directory but 16 bit program under CB directory does not recognize. The test stand program is 16bit so all boards not recognized either. Can you please guide  what to set under WIN XP so that the old 16 bit  ISA boards can recognize and old instalCAL program under CB directory can work?

I appreciate for your support


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I checked the add new hardware wizard and selected measurement computing but only available PCI and USB boards. ISA boards did not show up in the list. ISA boards are not plug and play boards so drivers not detect this boards. Is there something restrict windows XP to allow 16 bit hardware enables in the operating system? Can you please check how to set windows XP so older instaCAL software directly access 16 bit ISA boards?

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I'm sorry, but I don't have the information you require, and I don't have access to a Windows XP computer or an ISA board. No documentation exists that explains how to install an ISA board on Windows XP, at least none that I could find. 

However, the following download may be helpful. The readme states:

As of October 2004, Measurement Computing only ships 32 bit Windows drivers on its CDs.

Some older applications (primarily for Windows 3.1 and 95) require a 16 bit driver.  
Users can install either of the two files located here.  ICAL1632.EXE provides just
InstaCal, while ULIB1632.EXE provides both InstaCal and the Universal Library (the developers 

Note that, when installed on a 16 bit Windows operating system you will be given a choice 
to install the 16 bit, 32 bit, or both.  You should choose 16 bit.  

If you have a 32 bit application to run, we highly recommend you obtain the latest version 
of the 32 bit Universal Library (which is periodically revised) at the following link:



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