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Problem in reading values from Port B and Port C pins in USB 1024LS DAQ

Chandana Narayan



I was trying to read digital input values using sample code provided for the USB 1024LS DAQ. 

The example code by default only reads the inputs from Port A (8 pins). I would like to read inputs from Port B and Port C pins as well. 

Guidance regarding what steps should be followed / changes should be made to sample code will be of great help !!

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The USB-1024 series has two 8-bit ports and two 4-bit ports designated FirstPortA, FirstPortB, FirstPortCL, and FirstPortCH. Use these enumerations with the DConfigPort, DOut, and DIn functions. The DBitOut and DBitIn functions behave differently. They always use FirstPortA with bit numbers from 0 - 23. For example, to set the D0 on the second port, use bit number 8. Look up your device in the UL Help file to get more information on how to control it.

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