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Dasylab runtime updates required?



We received the attached message for updating NI software. We don’t have wifi capabilities at every location running Dasylab runtime.

Does Dasylab runtime or the associated NI program require internet connection for updates? Or can we turn off these auto update messages without any concern?

It is a standalone system and I would prefer NOT to have updates since we have already done our software testing. I don’t remember downloading NI software so I assume it is imbedded in Dasylab. I am happy to delete the NI program if it is not required.

Screenshot 2023-04-24 074354.jpg

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I suspect the message is because you enabled the National Instruments NI-DAQmx support when installing DASYLab. To disable it, run the DASYLab Configurator utility, select the Packages tab page, and open the Data Acquisition section. Find NI-DAQmx and if it's checked, uncheck it and press the OK button at the bottom. That's it.

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