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DT9812 not recognized by device manager on boot



I have 2 DT9812 that often fail to be recognized by device manager on PC reboot.  The error is "Device descriptor request failed".  This occurs on multiple computers running Windows 10.  The usbs are direct into the PC (no hub). Unplugging the device and plugging it back in fixes the issue.  Is this a known issue, or is there a recommended fix?

Installed drivers:

  • QuickDaq
  • DT Open Layers 7.8.2
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I updated with the drivers you linked, but devices still are not always recognized on a PC reboot.  I've tested this on 3 PCs, and I have 2 DT9812 devices. The issue occurs with both devices.  Is there anything else i should try?

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When I first rebooted, both device were not detected. At this point the OpenLayers entry does not exist. Image 1:



I unplugged and replugged both devices. Image 2:


Device properties.  For some reason I do not have the ability to update firmware from this page. 


OpenLayers control panel:



If you think a firmware update might fix the issue, how can I do this?  The option is missing from the device property status page.


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