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DasyLab configurator error



We installed DasyLab pro on wind10 industrial computer, we entered the license and test to start it was working perfectly, after installing other none related drivers for this new PC anr restarting the PC, DasyLab start showing configurator error:

Configurator.exe - Application Error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

click OK to close the application

any one know how to fix this issue?

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It would be good to know the DASYLab version you have installed. 

A DASYLab installation resides primarily in its Program Files (x86) folder and \users\public\documents\DASYLab\. It is impossible to know what the non-related driver changed. So, I recommend first uninstalling the non-related drivers and then DASYLab. Make sure to delete any residual DASYLab folders left behind by the uninstaller. After restarting, install the non-related drivers first and DASYLab after.

If you continue to need help, reach out to www.MeasX.com for help. They are the developer of DASYLab and may be able to provide additional assistance. 

Best regards,

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