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Channel Cross Talk

Dana Martin


I am using USB-2633 and USB-2637 mcc measurement cards.  The last channels on the cards seem to have the most additional noise from what I believe to be channel  cross talk. 

Is there a way to minimize this cross talk via ground selection and/or software methods or will this noise always be present? 

Do all MCC boards have this problem or are some models better than other?

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Hello @Dana Martin.

Are you using all 64 single-ended analog inputs on both the USB-2633 and USB-2637 devices?

For single-ended wiring, all inputs share the same ground.  

What is your throughput rate?

What are the input voltage ranges of your signals?

Try to keep adjacent input voltage levels similar to each other versus large voltage swings (-10V on one channel compared to +10V on the other channel).





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