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Help with USB 5201



I am trying to set up two USB 5201 devices to work with Tracerdaq pro. When I select the 5201 device under the Daq hardware settings, the application completely crashes. I have installed pretty much all of the available software downloads from the measurement computing site and nothing seems to be working. When I look at the application logs in event viewer, it seems like a .dll file is being referenced that is causing the application to crash. I originally had this working on a computer but once I tried to get it to work on a new computer, it is now crashing the application on both PC's. So I am not sure if it is the boards at this point or a driver that is not working properly. Any help would be appreciated with this. 

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21 minutes ago, Fausto said:

Hello @Nickshoe101.

Which Windows OS are you using on your "new" systems?

Which version of InstaCal and TracerDAQ are you using on the new systems vs the initial system?

Which Windows OS do you have on your initial system?



Thanks for the quick response. We are using Windows 10 20H2 on our new systems. We are using v 6.73 for instacal and for tracerdaq. The initial system was also using 20H2. 

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On 4/3/2023 at 11:06 AM, Fausto said:

TracerDAQ v2.3.0.0 is an older version.  Please download and install MCC DAQ software version 6.74, which includes TracerDAQ v2.3.4.0 (base version).


If you are using TracerDAQ Pro, can you provide proof of purchase for a TracerDAQ Pro license?

The only proof of purchase that we have is our original purchase order with a confirmation number of the license we purchased in 2012. Would the confirmation number work for you?

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