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USB-1208FS Communication Issue



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The USB-1208FS is susceptible to electrical interference because of the driver it uses. It doesn't use an MCC driver. Instead, we piggyback onto the Windows HID driver to send commands and data back and forth. If a command gets corrupted by electrical noise, it cannot recover. A few years back, we released the USB-1208FS-PLUS with an MCC driver, which is much better. Test your device on another computer that is not near any equipment that could generate noise. If it still fails, there may be something wrong with it. 

I recommend using a USB cable with ferrite filters on each end for noisy areas. They absorb noise and should help; you can get them on Amazon.

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We have these devices on multiple PCs and we do not see much of an issue. This issue began when we installed a new PC. I have already installed a USB cable with ferrite filter. I have also replaced the USB-1208FS which is doing this issue as stated. The original one would not communicate at all. However, we were experiencing issues with this one prior to the PC swap.

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