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MCC 134 Temperature Spikes



I have a MCC134 logging data inside of an Oven at 90C. On two separate occasions, I have measured a temperature spike about 90 degrees higher than what I would expect. 

I have 4 Thermocouples measuring the same oven. Only one of the thermocouples spike and the spike lasts for about half an hour. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Many of today's electric ovens use sophisticated electronics to switch heating elements on/off rapidly. The switching action radiates RFI/EMI noise that works its way into the measurement. Let the oven heat up, then turn it off and record data as it cools down. Do you still get the spikes?

A possible solution is not to record the spike. For example, if you're reading temperatures around 90 degrees and the next reading is 200 degrees, throw it out and take the next reading. It's a crude form of AI.

Best regards,


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