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Analog Input scan with usb-2416 unknown exception

Alain Compaore


Windows 10

Framework: .Net 4.8

Visual Studio Professional 2022

Using MC Universal Library, I consumed MccDaq api .

Hardware: USB-24164AO and AI-EXP32

As an experimentation I configured  three Analog Input Channel at and A/D rate of 3750S/s and differential, the range is set to 0.078V the type is Voltage and unit is mV.

than I used respectively the following commands. 

ScaledWinBufAllocEx,EnableEvent,"channels configuration",AloadQueue ,AInScan,

the callbackFunction generated  is uploaded below . I implemented a routine to copy the data  from the windows buffer.

This data collection  process is interrupted after few minutes  by and  unhandled exception of type "System.ExecutionEngineException" confer attach.




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Please run the event example ULEV02. The examples are installed to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Measurement Computing\DAQ\C#\. If you are missing them, reinstall InstaCal from the MCC DAQ Software CD download found on the following page: https://www.mccdaq.com/Software-Downloads

The USB-2416 is not the fast device we have, so adjust the DesiredRate parameter appropriately. 

Best regards,

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