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I am trying to access gth in vc709 virtex  board over sfp connector, i have generated the core using vivado  but i am not getting how to do pin planing to edit .xdc file .

plz share his experience if any one have regarding this.


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Hi Mohit,

It sounds like you are trying to use software tools inside Vivado to edit the XDC file. You can do this by opening the Elaborated, Synthesized or Implemented designs. The IO Planning view will have the necessary tools open such as the Package Pins and I/O Ports tabs in the bottom, or the Package layout. To enter this view, click the dropdown menu at the top of the Vivado window that says Default Layout, as seen in the image. Click IO Planning from the expanded list and the view will load with the relevant tools open for you. From here you can configure the I/O ports and assign package pins to your designs ports in several ways.

Are these the tools you were looking for? If you need further guidance working in the IO Planning view I would be glad to help you,



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