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LabVIEW ULx Counter Channels - OMB-DAQ-2408



Hi, I'm using the OMB-DAQ-2408 with LabView 2020 and the MCC ULx library. I'm trying to create a PWM signal using the "Create Channel" VI, then the "Counter Output" -> "Pulse Generation" -> "Frequency" options. 

When I try to select the channel, I only have the "browse" option, and I can't select either of the counter channels on the OMB-DAQ-2408. Though when I try to create digital or analog channel, I do have the options as seen on the left of that screenshot.

Any ideas on how to get those counter channels to show up?

Screenshot 2023-03-27 115206.png

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Your device does not have Pulse Generation hardware, and it needs to be faster to use one of the digital outputs. So you could add a second device with the Pulse Generation output. However, the ULx LabVIEW support lets you set the frequency and duty cycle only when the channel is created. So there's no possibility of changing it later when the program runs.

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