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WebDAQ 316 Unattended file convert and upload to remote folder?




The title pretty much says it all. 

I have a WebDAQ 316 and it seems to be a rugged and accurate enough little box. Pretty impressive, really.  I need a .csv file streamed in realtime to an external shared folder on the network. It has one job and, just like all of us, it will do it until it retires or is retired.

My application seems pretty standard: Log temperature data -> send the .csv file to a shared folder on the network -> db server crunches and plots the data -> anybody that has credentials can see it. Unattended.  I've got over 50 Beaglebone/Agilent setups doing it right now. 

I got a WebDAQ 316 to see if I could replace our BBB/Agilent setups and use in future installations. The WebDAQ is accurate enough but the process of getting the data to the server is unusable in it's current state. 

How can I get a series of very small blocks or a stream of .csv data to a remote share unattended? Am I missing something in the software?




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The WebDAQ 316 is excellent at storing data to its media but could be better at offloading it. For example, offloading a .csv file requires selecting the file and pressing the convert data button. There is a limited REST API that has a read job data function that retrieves binary data only. There is no option to retrieve an ASCII text value.


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