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Data Acquisition System (DAQ)


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I am currently designing an experiment that involves administering high and low shocks (ranging from 0.5 to 10mA). My institute has a BIOPAC MP160 System with AcqKnowledge and STM100C. However, we require a DAQ for controlling the intensity of the shocks. Could you suggest a budget-friendly DAQ?

Thank you for your time.

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Our devices cannot deliver an electric shock. However, if you have something that can and it's controlled by a TTL level signal, we may have something. Because our devices are not integrated into AcqKnowledge, there would need to be a satellite program controlling our unit, such as a C or Python app. Synchronizing them may be an issue too.

Or, you need a few TTL digital signals to control your electronics and only a program to manually set the digital signals to high or low. You could, instead, use our USB-1024LS with our free DAQami program.


Best regards,

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