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Zybo/PetaLinux - Unable to load bitstream and boot Linux from SD card. (Can do either separately, but not both)




I am having a problem getting Linux to boot on my Zybo and be able to load a bitstream to the Zynq's FPGA. Can someone validate that what I'm doing is correct?

I am running Vivado 2022.1 on Ubuntu 18.04, and PetaLinux 2022.1.  I have successfully created a project with petalinux-create, and I set up an SD card with two partitions as indicated by the documentation.

petalinux-create --type project -s Zybo-Z7-10-Petalinux-2022-1.bsp --name myproject

I can successfully build and package this up with petalinux-package and get it to boot Linux OK using the default 'system.bit' file.

petalinux-package --boot --format BIN --fsbl images/linux/zynq_fsbl.elf --fpga images/linux/system.bit --u-boot --force

It boots into Linux just fine, and I can see boot message on TTYUSB1 with picocom, and can log in without problem:

picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB1

My question is this: I created a very simple design in Vivado which just wires the four switches to their corresponding LEDs. I exported the bistream and then ran petalinux-package and referenced the exported bitstream file: 'top.bit'

petalinux-package --boot --format BIN --fsbl images/linux/zynq_fsbl.elf --fpga top.bit --u-boot --force

What happens is that the FSBL starts and the bitstream gets loaded into the FPGA  (I can verify the bitstream is loading because I can see the LEDs change with the switches.) However Linux does not boot, and there is no output on TTYUSB1 at all to indicate where it's getting stuck. It looks like the handoff to u-boot is not happening.

During petalinux-package I do get warnings about overlap between the partitions, and I am able to get rid of those warnings with a custom .bif file, but I still can't get Linux to boot.

Is there a step I'm missing to be able to load a bitstream and boot Linux? (I can do either separately, but not both)
Is there a way to enable debugging during the FSBL to see where it's hanging up?

Thanks in advance,

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