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E-TC Device Channel not calibrated




I use E-TC devices to monitor temperature. With a new device , one of the channel is out of calibration (2 - 4 degree). How can I calibrate it, if I do not have a tiny power source of "millivolt" as instacal suggest?


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Hello @Markzan.

Please verify that the thermocouple wires are securely attached.  Also, swap that thermocouple with a different channel to verify it's not an issue with the actual thermocouple versus that input channel.

If the module is less than a year old, then it can be sent back for recalibration under warranty.  What is the serial number?

If you do not have the instruments to recalibrate the module per the InstaCal instructions and do not want to send the module back to MCC for recalibration, then you can search for a company that specializes in calibrating instruments.



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Yes, the device was recently purchased. SN :21052C9

We've checked the wiring and tried several thermocouples, and it doesn't seem to be the problem.

Now let's see whether to send you the device or rely on a local company (this choice will also be made on the basis of timing).



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