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What value to use for MccService.DeclareRevision



The documentation for UL on .NET indicates that if we want to make sure our application will work with future releases. It indicates that "This method must be the first Universal Library method to be called by the program."


However, I don't seem to find any guidance in the docs or the forum on what value to pass.

I tried debugging to get some values, and got:

MccDaq.GlobalConfig.Version is 5 (an int)

                out float revNum,
                out float vxdRevNum
gives revNum  = 5 (float), and vxdRevNum = 5 (float).

MccDaq.MccService.CurrentRevNum gives 5.5 (float).


Since I freshly installed the library, I expected it to match the version 6.73 I saw from the download page, or maybe, one of the versions I saw in the MccDaq.dll file. I wouldn't have been surprised if it was something greater than 5.20, since a page (About this document) of the help mentioned that the ULHelp considers product version of 5.20 or later. It could have been also the versions of the cbw32.dll or cbw64.dll which both have




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The original intent for DeclareRevision was so that we could make changes or fix bugs and not have to worry that we broke your program. However, we stopped managing it quite some time ago because no matter what you set it to, it returns 5.5, and GetRevision returns 5. One indication that this is true is the GetRevision function. It has a parameter for a VXD library, which was old Visual Basic 6 technology. I think you should use MccService.DeclareRevision(out revNum) where revNum = 6.73. It may not do anything, but later when someone reads your code, they'll know you had InstaCal 6.73. 

Best regards,


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