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MCC118 Data Logger Screen Recommendation



I am using a stackable MCC 118 DAQ HAT along with a Raspberry Pi unit. I want to preferably have the full functionality of the screen while also maintaining a minimal screen size. I have two displays currently,3.5 in. and 4 in. , that use an SPI interface. I know that this type will not allow the MCC 118 DAQ HAT to run effectively. It runs and displays the full logger application on a monitor fine. I was able to get the data logger program to open up on a 7 in. Element 14 Touch Screen through a connection of a ribbon cable, but the data logger screen is still too big for the 7in. display. It will allow me to increase the display area of the data logger program, but it won't allow me to decrease it past a certain point to fit the chosen display.  Is there any recommendations on how I can shrink down the data Logger program ? Or any recommendations for a smaller display that will show the full functionality of the data logger profile? 

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The logger example demonstrates what is possible but is not an actual application. It cannot determine the screen size and then make proper adjustments to the display. It's up to you to develop and enhance the code to meet your application.

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