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Nur Adiimah


Good Morning sir,


My name is Adiimah, From Malaysia. I'm a lecturer from one of the university here. Past few years ago we bought The DAQ DT9816 from your organization. The DAQ purposely used for education learning during the lab session. Currently we have a problem on the license. Every time we install on the PC its only allow 14 days for trial set. How we are going to solve this problem since we need to use the DAQ application in a long time period. Do we need to buy a new license again since we already bought the DAQ set.

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Installing QuickDAQ for the first time enables the FFT options for two weeks. The FFT option is purchased, and we allow you to try it for two weeks. If you'd like it to be permanent, please contact your MCC distributor and order a copy for each installation. After, we will send you a code to enable it permanently. 

Best regards,

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