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RMA Request for USB-TC and USB-2416




I have a USB-TC and USB-2416 which neither will connect to the PC.  

The USB-2416 will power on with the AC adapter but the upper LED light blinks rapidly but when plugged into a USB port, no connection is made.  I see no activity in the windows device manager when plugged in or not.

The USB-TC will give a "USB not recognized" message in windows.  In the windows device manager, I see under the USB controllers section, "unknown USB device (device descriptor request failed)".  This same message has been seen on three other PCs I tried this on.  When I open the instance from windows device manager, the device status is "windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43).

I assume that they would need to be repaired.  Can I get a quote and RMA number?

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We don't repair the USB-TC because its costs are too low. However, if it's within one year of purchase, I can arrange a replacement. 

We do repair the USB-2416.

Please let me know both device serial numbers. They are usually a 7-digital hexadecimal number found on a bottom side sticker.

Best regards,

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