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Webdaq 316

William Park


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The WebDAQ 316 arrives fully calibrated, and calibrating is unnecessary each time. Typically, we see problems with grounded thermocouples causing ground loops. Ground loops will cause wrong values and noisy data. A simple test you can do is to remove the thermocouples and replace them with a short wire. This should produce a stable temperature close to room temperature. 

Grounded thermocouples have exposed wires, or if it's a probe, have the wires internally touching the probe's metal case? 

Best regards,

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Hi John,

Thanks for the help. It indeed works.

Yet, now the temperature reading (amplitude) is inversed: from room temperature, I placed the thermocouple in -25 oC environment but the reading goes to +58 oC.

Any thoughts on how to correct it? I am using a K type thermocouple.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,


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