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Order equipment with accredited calibration

Robin Waters


I would like to order some thermistor DAQ devices but need these to be calibrated by an accredited test house. Is it possible to do this and/or to order the parts pre-calibrated by a distributor?

An example part to calibrate: MCC USB-2001-TC: Single-Channel Thermocouple Measurement DAQ Device.

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Hello Robin,

When you place the order, please specify that a calibration certificate should be included. This is the calibration our factory does to meet our published specifications. After, if you'd like it to be recalibrated, please contact us, and we'll arrange for it to be recalibrated. 

The third-party accredited calibrate houses can only perform a verification, not an adjustment. Often, this is sufficient because they find it to be within specification and issue a new certificate.

Best regards,


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