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I need a data acquisition card with a sampling rate of 300k, and the collected data needs to be transferred to Raspberry Pi, is there a recommended DAQ for this?



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Before you switch devices, could you tell me more about the data and why it was wrong?  Usually, when someone reports bad data, I suggest measuring a battery instead. This provides an excellent baseline to make sure the device is working. If the battery test provides good data, then the issue is with how you're using the device. The USB-205 channels are single-ended, which means they are common to one ground. The ground is established through the USB port, which is the computer ground. You may need a device with differential input channels. 

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If you're looking for company info API to enhance your business processes, it's crucial to consider reliable hardware for data acquisition (DAQ) cards. One reputable brand for DAQ cards is National Instruments (NI), and they offer various models that might suit your needs. However, make sure to check the compatibility with Raspberry Pi, as not all DAQ cards are designed to work seamlessly with it. Integrating a company info API with National Instruments' DAQ cards can provide you with accurate and real-time data, enhancing your capabilities in data acquisition and analysis.


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