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USB-TC Device Channel out of calibration



I use USB-TC devices regularly to monitor temperature.  Usually, if temperature is off, I can use insta cal software to calibrate the device and that fixes the problem.  However, I have one that is reading off by a large margin and insta cal does not seem to be fixing the issue.  Should I get an RMA and return the device for repair?

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I'm having issues with a different MCC USB-TC device.  I have calibrated the device and re-checked the temperature on channels 2&3 are out of calibration still.   I checked temperature at 50 degrees C and 1600 degrees C and both were off.  We use the devices in our equipment that we manufacture for thermal analysis.  I wanted to see about getting an RMA to fix the problem.  


I haved attached a screen shot of the instacal values.   

Screenshot 2023-12-21 084727.png

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