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DASYLab 2020 Initial Setup for DT devices



Im having trouble getting Dasylab2020 to work upon it's initial installation.  When I try to run Dasylab2020, I dont get a green light on the DT9829 device.   This is my main problem - I want to capture data with Dasylab and it's not working.

However, Ive noticed that when I run QuickDAQ, I do get a green light from the DT9829 device, And Ive noticed that it will catpure the signal I am trying to measure. 

And note: when using Dasylab, under Modules, and under MCC-DRV, when I add an analog Input, I do not have the choice to select a USB style input.   (The DT9829 is connected via a USB connection)

I could use some advice on how to get Dasylab to collect data from the DT9829 device via the USB connection.

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