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FFT Data related




1- Is it possible to put a filter in the FFT so that to block some results in a certain frequency range (I.E.: 4Hz-30Hz, 800Hz +). 

2- How to increase the number of frequencies to track? what's the max limit?

3- Can QuickDaq provide a stream data output (FFT results) to an outside program (such as MatLab)?


Thank you.

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Hello @xiaobao.

1.  With the QuickDAQ application, the available Digital Filters options are listed and explained in the QuickDAQ User's Manual, beginning on page 164.


2.  If referring to the 'Show FFT Peaks' option in QuickDAQ, then the maximum is 10.


3.  QuickDAQ does not allow streaming the acquired data out to another application.  The user must export/save the data to a .csv, .txt or .uff file format, to be used in another application.



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