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USB-TC over voltage question




I am using 8 channels of the USB -TC with T TYPE thermal couple wire and I was wondering if the USB-TC has a voltage limit. I ask because i am connecting the thermal couple wire to a bus bar with 2000 amps and 5 volts on it and the temperature readings are bouncing all over.  would it be possible to ground the DAQs in some way of am I out of luck?

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The USB-TC has an 80mV measurement  range and can withstand up to 24 volts from the input to the GND terminal. It has 500 volts of isolation from the input channel to earth ground. In a perfect world attaching a TC to a 5 volt conductor should be doable. However, your conductor has 2000 amps (AC or DC?) of current which causes all sorts of non-60Hz noise that disrupts the measure. A better solution is to obtain a daq that measure voltage (like USB-231) and use 8B47T-xx signal conditioner modules from www.dataforth.com. The modules provide channel-to-channel isolation (prevents ground loops) but more importantly they have a hardware based low pass filter to remove the noise.



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