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No Voltage Output on USB-3105



Hello all,

I have a USB-3105 that is not outputting any voltage on any of its 16 channels. The board gets recognized by InstaCal and channels are configured as 0-10VDC. I am using the Analog Test in InstaCal to set a voltage, and a multimeter to read the voltage. Every voltage read is 0. I have used this procedure with another USB-3105 and that one is working as expected. I have seen a bad channel on another unit in the past, but never all the channels. Not sure if there is anything that I am missing. Attached is a pdf with some screenshots of the test procedure.


Thank you.


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I see that you're probing the screw terminal screw tops. If the screw is loose, it doesn't make contact with the bottom part that is the output contact. Screw it down onto a wire or paper clip so that it's tight and try the measurement again.

Best regards,


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