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USB-2416 issue with input CH7L and CH8L



I am using a USB-2416 and a USB-2416-4AO connected to signal conditioners to read a set of analog inputs. All the channels are plugged in, but when I send a signal to either CH7L or CH8L it pulls the other channels' signals up with it. This doesn't happen on any other channels, but since it happens on the same inputs on both boards, want to check if this is a known issue and if there is a fix, like reinforcing the ground signal, that could resolve it.

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You may want to use InstaCal to check how the channel input modes are set. Assuming you want single-ended, select all the channels at once and choose single-ended. This will convert CH7L and CH8L to be channels 23 & 24. When every possible set the channels all one way or the other for simplicity. Page 12 and 13 in the user manual show the channels number for the two modes. https://www.mccdaq.com/pdfs/manuals/USB-2416.pdf

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