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error message regarding '_getch' and '_kbhit' in running DaqDevDiscovery01.c example

Jacob Larsen


Dear Measurement Computing Engineers

I am trying to run your DaqDevDiscovery01.c example file using labwindows 2017 on a windows 10 pro machine. It uses a number of source files including 'conio.h' where _getch and _kbhit are referred but when I try to compile I get the following error messages

  error: Undefined symbol '__getch' referenced in "o:\LabWindows\MccDAQ\ControleDAQ\cvibuild.ControleDAQ\Debug\ControleDAQ.obj".  
  error: Undefined symbol '__kbhit' referenced in "o:\LabWindows\MccDAQ\ControleDAQ\cvibuild.ControleDAQ\Debug\ControleDAQ.obj".  

Does anybody know what file I am missing here? I don't see any source files mentioning these 'Measurement Computing' C examples available from their webpage.

I have attached the files to this question.


Jacob Larsen

ControleDAQ.c ControleDAQ.h

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Hello @Jacob Larsen.

Measurement Computing does not offer much in the way of UL support with LabWindows/CVI.  We do have a legacy application note and examples posted here:


The installed standard UL example files can be found in the host system's directory:  'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Measurement Computing\DAQ'.




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