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low sample rate




I do have a question to the sample rate of my DT9812 device. I want to record data at the maximum sample rate possible. For testing I have looped back analog ground to analog in channel 0. For data acquisition I use "Strip Chart" from the "QuickDataAcq" software. The internal clock frequency is set to 50kHz as shown in the image. When data is recorded it shows properly in the chart. The problem is, only 10 values per second are being recorded (information from exported excel file). Can you please help me improving my sample rate?image.thumb.png.cf56df8739243ff87d2772d0cccf1bc8.pngimage.png.19e78fc7154d7e23f0e1317cc07d2a2b.png

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Hello @Benjamin.K.

Data Translation's QuickDataAcq application is a legacy Visual Basic 6 example.  The executable is set as is.



Consider using Data Translation's QuickDAQ application instead, which gets copied to the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Data Translation\QuickDAQ' directory.

The screen capture below shows the sampling frequency range of a DT9812A device.





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