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New Analog Discovery - computer does not recognize


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I purchased an Analog Discovery 2 numerous months ago and have been v busy and just now getting to it.  Windows machine, installed the newest waveforms but the actual HW device is not recognized.  The window "Waveforms No Device Detected  OK Retry" .  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks

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Similar problem here, only it was working until yesterday. 

I have tried:

External power supply, powered hubs of various kinds, reloading software and drivers, many different combinations of all the above. All with fully patched Windows 11 22H2. The only way it works as of today is directly plugged into a tower with a very short cable. Or a USB C hub with the power-through feature by j5Create. Unfortunately the one hub I have that works also causes the tablet to change display orientation, making it unusable. 

I tried two Analog Discovery 2 devices, both of which used to work. Both now fail with the exact same hardware as before.  

The issue is not the drivers, there is a new error in Device Manager I've never seen before saying that the USB device "Failed to reset". Windows can't even retrieve the VID and PID so it doesn't load the drivers at all. 

Probably an old powered hub might work, but the new ones with USB-C connectors somehow send the wrong power configuration information to the FTDI chip, making it fail to start up properly. At least that's my theory. Either that or the initial power surge on starting up drops the 5V supply enough that it can't operate properly. My USB meter says the voltage is 5.17V and the current is 260 mA when it does operate properly, so the newer "Charger + Data" hubs should have no problems. But they do!

If anybody knows how to get around this issue, please chime in! 

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